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Tom Perkins : Teaches drawn and carved lettering short courses to regional groups. Please enquire for further details. He also teaches week-end or longer courses at his workshop in Cambridgeshire, for 6-8 people, in letter carving in stone and drawn lettering.

Gaynor Goffe : Teaches a wide range of calligraphic topics for one-day, weekend and longer workshops to regional calligraphy groups. Please enquire for further details. She also teaches one-day or longer courses at her home in Cambridgeshire, for small groups, a wide range of calligraphy topics available.  




Courses taught by Tom Perkins

For further details please contact the organising body, or Tom if necessary.


September 19-22 lettercarving in stone, all levels, West Dean College, Sussex ( contact West Dean website)

October 6-8    drawn lettering all levels, Cambridge, followed by 8-10 lettercarving in stone with Eric Marland ( contact The Lettering Arts Trust )



Courses taught by Gaynor Goffe


The following ourses are aimed to be in person .


July 12-18 West Dean College, Sussex ( see their website please for details),  italic and variations, all levels

August 13-15 calligraphy all levels, Juniper Hall, Surrey, ( please contact the Field Studies Council/Juniper Hall website)

August 12, one day workshop beginners/near beginners, Flatford Mill, Suffolk ( contact Field Studies Council)/Flatford Mill)

October 23, one day workshop beginners/near beginners, Flatford Mill, Suffolk ( contact Field Studies Council)

November 19-21, Flatford Mill, Suffolk, calligraphy all levels ( contact Field Studies Council/flatford Mill)

December 10-12   “                                        “                                                             “

If necessary please contact uk





NB Saturday or weekend workshops I am teaching for regional calligraphy groups are advertised to members via the groups. (If you are not a member of a regional group and need information please contact me )


Workshop Topics


I am available for one day, weekend and longer workshops on the following topics, please contact me if you wish to arrange a workshop.

1) Basic Scripts:-

. formal italic

. joined cursive italic

. foundational hand

. 9th century Carolingian

. uncial

. versals

. Roman capitals

. italic capitals

. copperplate minuscule & capitals

2)Contemporary Variations- Any of the above are available as more advanced workshops with script variations, or mixed-level workshops covering basics and variations.

3) Other topics:-

. Renaissance round minuscule

. Renaissance San Vito capitals

. flourish design, italic minuscule & capitals

. pressure and release Roman capitals

. pressure and release capitals variations

. experimenting with automatic pens

. colour in the pen and background

. writing at small sizes

. developing rhythm in italic

. lay-out and design

. surgery for works in progress

. Additional topics can be considered