The items on this page are by Gaynor Goffe and are for sale at the prices shown exclusive of post and packing.
Please enquire at for quote for post and packing for a particular item.
All items are unframed.


'After the kiss' 28" x 12", Sumi ink on acrylic wash, £75

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''Then after the cactus...'24" x 20", Kathleen Raine quote, Sumi ink and pastel £250

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Kathleen Raine quote, 19" x 10! gouache on acrylic wash £125

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'Celtic saying' 19" x 22"  gouache and Sumi ink, margins not shown £175



'Let civilization...'  14" x 19", text Kathleen Raine, gouache on acrylic wash £175

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'Whence did this mystic art' 13" x 26", Sumi ink on acrylic wash £100

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'The true refuge', 12" x 8",  text Ajan Chah, Sumo ink and gouache, £75


'July' 16" x 11", text John Clare, Sumi ink on vellum with gouache illustration, £200

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'Listen my heart' 19" x 27", text Rabindranath Tagore, Sumi ink and oil pastel, £250

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'Precious stones' 23" x 13", Sumi ink andgouache on acrylic wash, £ 175


'Humankind', 16" x 223", text Kathleen Raine, gouache and acrylic on modelling paste, pastel, £250


'Voice of the mountains', 9" x 16", sumi ink on gold dutch metal leaf, on MDF, £200

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'NIght recedes' 24" x 19", Sumi ink on silver Dutch metal leaf on MDF, and V-incised Welsh slate, £300

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