Commissioning Work - Gaynor Goffe

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The main commissions I undertake are creating panels of poetry and prose,

inscribing diplomas, certificates and invitations, though other types of

calligraphic work can be carried out.


The commissioning process:

For panels of poetry and prose, I would need the wording e-mailed plus any

other specifications, I can then give a costing for a range of options, followed by

further discussion as necessary. If the commission goes ahead, the next stage

would be to scan in a design for approval before proceeding with the final work.


For inscribing diplomas, certificates and invitations I would need to know the

number required, and the sort /amount of information required on each , and

time-scale. A scan of the diploma, certificate or invitation would be helpful in

order to give a costing. If accepted, writing style would be selected, and a

sample written and scanned to you before proceeding.


Writing Samples: